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Passionnate since 1952

Teamwork, empathy towards the client and the animal and personal and professional integrity are the values upon which our passion was built over six decades ago. Our reputation was established by our devoted and experienced team and through offering compassionate personalized veterinary medicine services. The trust that our clients put in the Ormstown Veterinary Hospital is a true source of pride!

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  • October 30th 2017

    November is senior pet awareness month!


    Sometimes an older animal can develop new behaviours at home. Some animals can become more aggressive. Some cats will start relieving themselves outside their litter boxes, and some dogs can start goi...

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  • October 28th 2017



    Many sweets found in Halloween bags could make your pet very sick, like chocolate, candies and chewing gum. Candy wrappers could also be dangerous and cause an obstruction in the intestine or in the s...

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