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  • May 21st 2014

    Did you know monensin is toxic for dogs?


    Monensin, a food additive for cattle and poultry, is highly appetent for dogs but also life-threatening for them. It causes p...

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  • May 13th 2014

    Animal welfare


    Animals can't always communicate.
    YOU CAN!
    Communicate with the MAPAQ to report any case of negligence to the health,...

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  • March 5th 2014

    Elk antlers


    According to canine dentistry specialists, elk antlers are not recommended for your dog as they can cause dental fractures. T...

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  • June 13th 2013

    Equine deworming


    At the moment, the efficiency of some horse dewormers has largely decreased for certain important parasites of this species. ...

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