Equine, Small Ruminants and Camelids

Our Equine Services

The Ormstown Veterinary Hospital offers high quality equine services. We provide routine equine treatments, which include such services as:

  • Vaccination for disease prevention;
  • Treatment of disease conditions;
  • Minor surgery such as wound lacerations, castration and skin tumour removal;
  • Radiography in the field is possible with our portable X-ray unit;
  • Reproductive services with ultrasonography;
  • Artificial insemination procedure with either frozen or chilled fresh semen. (It is the responsibility of the horse breeder to provide the semen source.);
  • Equine dentistry;
  • Coggins testing and export certification to the USA.

Veterinarians are available for 24-hour emergency coverage within our practice area.

Your Horse’s Teeth

The horse is a hypsodont animal, which means his teeth grow continuously all through his life. Incisors are made to cut grass while molars and premolars are meant to grind food. The two dental tables formed by the back teeth are surfaces that allow the animal to grind fibres. However, their alignment is not perfect; they are moved towards the outside for the upper jaw and inward for the lower jaw. With time, this small gap forms points and hooks on the teeth’s unused surfaces, due to the continuous growth.

Regular maintenance allows your horse to chew his food well and acts as basic prevention of colic (stomach pain due to impaction of a large amount of badly chewed fibres), problems with bits (hooks, wolf’s teeth) as well as chronic weight loss. Ideally, horses should have a dental maintenance once a year. Some horses might benefit from maintenance every six months. Don’t wait for your animal to show dental problems or symptoms to consult, better be safe than sorry!