February is dentistry month!!

February 5th 2018

Care and treatment

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of maintaining your pets’ good oral hygiene.

Any dentist will tell you that brushing your teeth daily is the KEY to achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene. The same is true for dogs and cats! A multitude of products are available on the market for daily maintenance – different types of toothbrushes, flavoured toothpastes, mouth rinses made specifically for dogs and cats, sprays to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar, etc. However, even if perfectly executed, home dental care cannot always reach every facet of the tooth, or deal with more serious dental problems (dental fractures, tartar accumulation, gingival detachment or recession, retained baby teeth, etc.).

This is why professional dental prophylaxy under general anesthesia is recommended. Why do animals need to be under general anesthesia for a dental cleaning? Well, because unlike humans, we cannot expect an animal to sit motionless with their mouth wide open for extended periods of time to facilitate the cleaning and polishing of their teeth.

In addition to giving your animals a nice pearly white smile, good dental health promotes the following benefits :

  • Easier food intake and better mastication
  • Soothes chronic pain
  • Eliminates infection in the mouth
  • Diminishes bacteriemia (circulation of bacteria in the bloodstream)
  • Enhanced general wellbeing
  • Increased life expectancy

Your veterinarian will be more than happy to discuss your pets’ dental health with you, and will be able to recommend veterinary dental procedures as well as other modalities (such as dental diets, treats, and dental cleansers) to prevent dental disease.