Heartworm season has arrived!

June 1st 2019


Mosquitoes are knocking at our doors and with them the risk of transmission of heartworm disease to your dog (dirofilariosis). This disease is always very present in the Montéregie area. We know that coyotes can be the reservoir for transmission, in the country and in town, as some of them get closer to cities at night. Dogs that are travelling in areas more at risk (United States, South Ontario) can also be infected.

Animal carriers of heartworm disease sometimes have very subtle signs at the beginning, but become progressively very weak. The treatment is difficult, risky and costly. Fortunately, a simple and fast screening test can be done between mid-April to June and consists of a blood test.

Following the test, your veterinarian can give you advice for the best prevention for your animal to avoid an infection by heartworms. The preventive medications are recommended from June to November.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this subject!