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  • January 17th 2019

    De-icing salts


    Pets that walk outside at this time of year might expose themselves to potentially toxic chemicals contained in de-icing salt...

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  • September 29th 2018

    Lyme disease


    Lyme disease has been found in all 10 Canadian provinces. Southern Quebec is an endemic area, which means infected tick popul...

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  • June 30th 2017

    Article in the Progressive Dairyman Canada

    Farm Animals

    “Milking the most out of udder prep” is an article written by Dr Jodi Wallace, published in the Progressive Dairy...

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  • May 26th 2017

    Brachycephalic Syndrome


    Brachycephalic syndrome is seen in animals with a shortened and flattened muzzle and it is quite common in both dogs and cats...

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