Small Ruminants and Camelids

Our Services for Ruminants and Camelids

At the Ormstown Veterinary Hospital, we offer a complete service for small ruminants and camelids. We provide preventive care through herd health management and curative care for sick animals.

Preventive care offered:

  • Vaccination protocols;
  • Deworming program based on stool analyzed in our lab;
  • Reproduction exams and ultrasonography for pregnancy detection or infertility problems;
  • Exams for insurances;
  • Blood tests;
  • Castration;
  • General care.

Curative care includes:

  • Exam and treatment of sick or injured ruminants, llamas and alpacas;
  • We are often called to treat newborn crias with immunodeficiency, blood poisoning or diarrhea.

We offer quality medical care by a veterinarian and a 24-hour emergency service.