Appointment and Prescription Policy

Making appointments and deposits

All our appointments are taken in advance by telephone.

A deposit of $50 is required to reserve the time for the consultation for any new client, client not seen for 2 years or more, or for a person with a history of no-show for an appointment.
The deposit is kept when the person does not show up for their appointment or if they notify us less than 4 business hours before the scheduled appointment time.

This works wonderfully to reduce no-shows for appointments and ensure maximum availability for animals in need.


It is always best to call before showing up with your pet, even if it is an emergency. We will do everything that we can to see you.

Triage by telephone can be done by a technician to give first aid instructions to do at home if necessary and to organize the schedule in anticipation of your arrival. Exceptionally, if we are unable to see you, you may be redirected to another establishment.

The fees for emergency consultations are higher. Whether it is between other appointments, at the end of the day, or during break times, these consultations require planning, moving other clients and additional employee time. The higher fee reflects these efforts.

A deposit is also required to reserve an urgent appointment because, unfortunately, sometimes people do not show up for their appointment.


For the same reasons as appointments, deposits are required to reserve a surgery date. The deposit amount requested is based on the cost to complete the procedure. The deposit will be lost if the animal is not present for its appointment or if canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled date.

Before the surgery, an estimate will be given to you (or discussed by telephone) and the medication to be given at home will be prepared. It is your responsibility to give the medication before the surgery appointment to facilitate your pet’s stay and anesthesia. This makes it possible to use smaller doses of medication and thus reduces the risks associated with anesthesia through the reduction of stress hormones and nausea.

Renewal of prescriptions

We request that you call 24 hours in advance to have a renewable prescription prepared.

If renewals are indicated but 1 year has passed since your last visit, the veterinarian must usually see your animal again to be able to prescribe the medication.

For prescriptions that do not have refills or if refills have ended, please call 48 hours in advance so that the veterinarian can review the file and call you back if necessary. We may need to see your pet again before prescribing the medication.

It is possible to request a written prescription to have it prepared at the location of your choice. Prescription writing fees are then billed. Please note that these prescriptions are legally valid in Quebec only.

We hope that these details are helpful and illuminating. Respecting our method of operation allows us to effectively serve the greatest number of patients in need.

The management of l’Hôpital vétérinaire Ormstown Inc.