Heartworms are here!

June 1st 2021


June 1st is time to start heartworm prevention of your dog! This disease is always very present in the area and we unfortunately see more canine patients afflicted with heartworms each year. This parasitic disease is transmitted from one animal to another by mosquito bites.

Animal carriers of heartworm disease sometimes have very subtle signs at the beginning, but become progressively very weak. Signs of heartworm disease include fatigue, weight loss and a chronic cough. The treatment is very difficult, very risky and very costly.

Preventive medication is recommended from June to November. Your veterinarian can give you advice on the best prevention for your animal to avoid an infection by heartworms.

You can go to this website to help you remember your pet’s treatment. Simply register basic information about you and your pet (it takes about a minute) to receive an email or text message whenever it’s time to give your pet’s medication.

Here is a link to keep you informed about real-time positive case per region: